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Leylines cover v2(400squ300dpi)

Ley Lines (Steve Lawson, Andy Edwards & Phi Yaan-Zek) CD                                        An electrifying alchemy of three musical visionaries creating a fully rounded fusion album of memorable musical themes, deep textures, solo work ranging from furious shredding to sublime delicate touches and breathtaking musical interplay, all taken from two days of live studio improvisation. This album encapsulates the best of both worlds: the joyful freedom, surprising thematic evolutions and spontinaety of improvisation, together with the cohension of melodic hook, form and song structure coming from the inherent musical sensibilities of Steve, Andy & Phi. Included in the 6 panel fold-out CD sleeve are Steve Lawson's personal liner notes detailing the creative process behind the album.    MORE INFO    PRICE £10 


Deeper CD Cover 3 (400squ300dpi)

Deeper With The Anima (with Marco Minnemann) CD 
This companion CD is based upon themes from the original “Dance With The Anima” album which have been extended, morphed and totally recomposed into an elaborate set of beautiful new guitar instrumental pieces, together with 3 exciting guest remixes. The album showcases some of Phi’s most accomplished acoustic/electric guitar playing which together with Lalle Larrson’s astonishing keyboard musicianship is dramatically woven into a tapestry of compelling melodies and epic beat-orientated tunes. Special guests include Bryan Beller, Amandine Ferrari & Ola Ollson among others. Included in the 6 panel fold-out CD sleeve are Phi’s exclusive personal liner notes detailing some of the creative processes behind each track.    MORE INFO    PRICE £10   


Dance With The Anima (with Marco Minnemann) CD                                                                        A mesmerizing ‘film score’ style album of dazzling 70's jazz rock fusion, 60's cinematic themes, epic progressive rock melodies, dramatic classical moods and psychedelic guitar virtuosity skillfully composed to Marco Minnemann's live unedited 51 minute ‘Normalizer 2’ drum solo.  Critically acclaimed as ‘so brilliantly performed and written’ and as a ‘must-have album’, the music has been described by many as evoking the spirit of Frank Zappa in its beauty and complexity. Also featuring the musically dynamic and spellbinding keyboard performances of Lalle Larsson.  Included in the 6 panel fold-out CD sleeve are Phi’s personal liner notes reflecting on some of the underlying metaphoric inspirations behind each track.    MORE INFO    PRICE £10 


Solar Flare CD                                                                                                                                   Condensed sunshine filtered through the guitar, then radiated out Mahavishnu/Zappa style, with Marco Minnemann's wild drum grooves, world music sounds, funky fusion vibes, fretboard chops galore, adventurous stylistic changes and progressive melodies.  A continual fan favourite, Solar Flare sets the mark for what guitar instrumental albums can be with the perfect blend of exciting songwriting and cutting edge guitar playing.  Featuring Fabio Trentini on bass and with guest solos by Lalle Larsson and the one and only Bumblefoot on fretless guitar!  Also comes with exclusive and detailed personal song liner notes presented in a very colourful graphically illustrated 12 page CD booklet.    MORE INFO    PRICE £10 

Anomalies (400squ300dpi)

Anomalies CD                                                                                                              This is Phi Yaan-Zek's most eccentric 2nd album now re-released in this special REMASTERED & REMIXED edition.  Prepare yourself for a wonderful whirlwind tour through mystical prog rock, demented jazz metal, otherworldly odd meter electronica, hyper-shred freakout solos, evocative ethno-flavours & psychedelic sounds.  A real joy to listen to, this musical adventure recalls the most playful elements of Zappa/Keneally and early Vai.  Featuring Andy Edwards on drums, Mark Hartley on bass and the brilliant avant-garde/shred style keyboard & piano playing of Lalle Larsson.  Also comes with exclusive and detailed personal song liner notes presented in a very colourful 12 page CD booklet.    MORE INFO    PRICE £10 

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